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We understand the industry. We hear it all of the time — “We want to improve service and run our event more efficiently. Everyone is overworked and overstressed. Can we please get some help!” Momentum Event Network provides that assistance and offers services that build revenue and ensure repeat attendance. We’ve heard your need and we have the answer. Our services include:

Complete solutions
We put complete housing, registration and information services within easy reach. Now your members can make hotel reservations and register for events all with one click, phone call or fax. Why go anywhere else?

Attrition control
Attrition can affect the overall profitability of a show and severely affect your bank account. It’s important to rely on someone that has experience in the industry and understands all the details of this process. Momentum Event Network will negotiate this often complicated process and avoid common pitfalls associated with this issue.

Contract and rate negotiation
Our industry-established relationships and knowledge can ease the negotiation process. We’ll handle contracts in accordance with your established corporate policy by getting the best possible agreement for your event. We know that the "bottom-line" is the bottom-line!

Site and venue selection
Our meeting professionals will carefully analyze your needs and the unique purpose of each event to suggest appropriate venues from hotels to convention centers. Based on extensive experience, we will make several recommendations from which you can choose. Or we have the industry experience to negotiate the best possible terms for your event, if you already have located a venue.

Reservations via fax, on-line or phone through our customer call center
Fast, efficient and convenient — those are some of the words used to describe the systems we have in place to process reservations. All reservations are processed through the same central database no matter how they arrive — via fax, on-line or phone . And, if you need extra assistance, a personalized service assistant (PSA) is available to walk you through the process.

Immediate registration confirmation for Registrants
Just point and click and your reservation is made with immediate email confirmation from any connection to the web! All key partners including registrants, planners and hotel management are connected to the same database for instant communication. Attendees can log-in any time from anywhere to make real-time changes that are available for up-to-the-minute reference by the show organizer!

Real-time inventory levels accessed as reservations are being made
We offer you with access to a secure, centralized database that provides you with real-time information on demand. Inventory information is available from the start of registration up to the day of arrival. Minimum stay, check-in and other requirements can be programmed for enhanced communication.

Real-time reports for accurate status updates to hotels, meeting planners and show management
Our fully tested and highly secure application system ensures accurate data capture and reports. Critical real-time data is gathered and can be used for status reports or historically for statistical analysis. Attendee habits and trends can be tracked as useful information for future events. And because our servers never shut down, we can provide you with all late registrations before the show opens. This saves you money and time processing on-site registrations.